Leave your cash at home and enjoy the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament

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ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament

Visitors of the 42nd ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, which is being held in Ahoy Rotterdam this week, will be able to pay for all of their purchases “contactlessly”. Long term, Ahoy wants most visitors of events to pay for their purchases with their debit cards – and the latest contactless technology. This offers attendees ease of payment, and saves valuable time when a large number of visitors want to buy something in a short time frame.

A contactless purchase is made by simply holding the contactless debit card against the payment terminal. This is even easier when processing totals below 25 euros, as in that case the customer does not have to enter the PIN code.

ABN AMRO, who is sponsoring the tournament, has cooperated with terminal specialist CCV to supply all extra outlets on Ahoy’s premises with a terminal for contactless payments processing. Head of Transaction Banking at ABN AMRO Karin Kersten explains: "It offers ease of payment and it's quicker. When compared to cash payments, the time saved is about 16 seconds for each payment. And paying contactlessly is 7 seconds faster than regular PIN payments."

CFO of Ahoy Rotterdam Kitty van Dongen adds: "This payment method is incredibly handy during large events. Currently, this method is already in use at entrances of parking lots and in our catering outlets. It speeds up the workflow and decreases the time visitors spend waiting. Based on the pilot during the upcoming ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, we can further fine-tune our plans for a permanent contactless payment infrastructure."

Currently, in the Netherlands, over 8.1 million cards have been issued with contactless payment technology. The number of outlets offering contactless payment was 59,000 in early January 2015. Meanwhile, the total number of contactless purchases soared in 2014: in the fourth quarter, contactless purchases made with ABN AMRO debit cards doubled against the previous quarter.


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