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The sixth National Money Week will be launched by Her Majesty Queen Máxima on Monday, 14 March. This will kick off a programme of around 4,500 guest lessons by bank employees throughout the week, aimed at giving schoolchildren a broad look at being sensible with money. Kees van Dijkhuizen of ABN AMRO’s Managing Board will talk to Group 6 of primary school De Twaalfruiter in Vleuten.

Director Ernst Boekhorst of the ABN AMRO Foundation explains, ‘Financial education for children is an issue about which ABN AMRO feels very strongly. The bank hopes that the kids will not only enjoy our guest lessons, but also learn to be sensible with money. Knowing how to handle money is a skill that will benefit these children their whole lives.’

ABN AMRO in the classroom

From 14 to 18 March, more than 150 ABN AMRO employees will take charge of classrooms to pass on their knowledge and expertise to children. Their pupils will be given an interactive quiz about money to complete, which addresses themes such as ‘earning your own money’ and ‘saving and planning ahead’. The quiz often triggers real-world questions from the children, such as ‘Where does the bank keep all its money?’

About Money Week

Money Week is organised by the Money Wise Platform. As part of the financial guest lesson programme ‘Bank in the Classroom’, primary school groups 6, 7 and 8 will be visited by various banks during Money Week. The purpose of these lessons is to teach the kids how to handle money. Various topics on the theme of money (including saving, pocket money and borrowing) will be discussed to make schoolchildren more financially aware and to lay the foundations for financial independence when they grow up.


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