ABN AMRO introduces new options for home sustainability

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Starting 1 March, ABN AMRO’s mortgage meetings to advise clients buying or remodelling a home also address the possibilities for improving energy efficiency. At the same time, the bank is simplifying the procedures for obtaining mortgage loans to finance energy-saving improvements.

While the bank already had a range of possibilities in place for clients to finance energy-saving improvements through their mortgages, few clients actually make use of them. To change this, home sustainability will be phased in as a standard topic to discuss during mortgage meetings to advise clients on buying or remodelling a home. ABN AMRO now actively reminds its clients of the benefits of improving sustainability: lower energy costs, greater living comfort, the increased likelihood of value retention and the advantages for the climate, for instance. ABN AMRO will also start to simplify the procedures for obtaining loans for these improvements: when borrowing money to make their homes more sustainable, clients can reserve the amount without deciding there and then exactly what energy-saving improvements they plan to make. 

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ABN AMRO and sustainability

ABN AMRO’s Mission 2030 states a clear target: by 2030, homes and offices that the bank finances for clients, as well as the bank’s own properties, will have an average performance of energy label A. That target represents a reduction in carbon emissions by 2 million tonness per year: the same volume as 800,000 cars emit. 

Retail clients can use ABN AMRO’s Energy Savings Check to help them improve the sustainability of their homes by finding out what their options are and how they will benefit. They can also ask the bank for personalised advice. Some clients qualify for a 0.2% discount on their mortgage interest, and the bank will arrange the financing. ABN AMRO will continue to develop new initiatives for all its clients in the years ahead.


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