ABN AMRO and TU Delft join forces to promote energy-efficient construction

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This week, TU Delft’s Modular Office Renovation (MOR) team of over 50 students presented the initial prototype of a modular apartment that produces more energy than it uses. The team will enter this prototype into a recurrent international competition that challenges university teams to design and build houses in Europe powered exclusively by the sun. This year’s Solar Decathlon Europe will be held in Hungary in July.

ABN AMRO partner of TU Delft entry

At the Solar Decathlon Europe, eleven universities will present their solutions for the next generation of sustainable homes – the competition is frequently referred to as the world championships in sustainable building. ABN AMRO is partner to the entry by TU Delft. After the competition, the prototype will return to the Netherlands to be rebuilt at the Green Village, at which point it will also carry the ABN AMRO name. Together with TU Delft and the bank’s business partners, ABN AMRO will thus acquire a springboard to further its efforts in sustainable solutions for the built environment.

Encouraging clients to build and renovate sustainably

Vincent Groet at ABN AMRO Bouw comments: “I’m proud that we are partner to this extraordinary and innovative project, and our idea is to further build on the knowledge that the students have acquired. And of course, to encourage our clients and business partners to use the latest sustainable methods, materials and technologies when building and renovating properties.”

Paris-proofing own buildings

ABN AMRO has stated its ambition to achieve an average energy label A for the entire real estate portfolio of residential properties and buildings it finances by 2030, and all of its own buildings and offices should have at least an energy label A by 2023. Recently, it enhanced its commitment by adding the goal of Paris-proofing all its own buildings by 2030. Taking a leadership role on this issue will enable ABN AMRO to acquire knowledge and experience, which it then hopes to share with its clients.

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For more information about the competition and the apartment created by TU Delft’s MOR team, visit the website of the MOR team (Modular Office Renovation).


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