ABN AMRO helps senior citizens become less vulnerable

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This year, ABN AMRO is again one of the hosts of the 10-day safety event “Veiligheids10daagse”, opening its office in The Hague to participants on 3 April. Dutch Minister of Justice Ferdinand Grapperhaus will kick off the day, on which ABN AMRO staff will teach senior citizens how to bank online safely and prevent phishing.

The number of senior citizens falling prey to criminals is declining, but that doesn’t mean seniors feel any safer, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Swindling, burglary and phishing are some of the crimes senior citizens may face. 

Feeling unsafe

To help seniors recognise this type of crime and feel safer, senior citizen organisation ANBO has partnered with ABN AMRO, the Ministry of Justice and Google, among other players, to organise this year’s 10-day safety event “Veiligheids10daagse” from 1 through 12 April.

Recognise and secure

During these ten working days, over 600 senior citizens will be trained by professionals, including at ABN AMRO. From their offices in The Hague and Roermond, ABN AMRO staff will help senior citizens to recognise phishing, and teach them about banking online safely and securing devices such as mobile phones and computers. Nery Anderson, Director of daily banking affairs at Retail: “We take responsibility to improve financial autonomy among senior citizens, whether or not they’re clients of ours. Being able to do your own banking in a safe manner makes people independent and self-reliant, and that’s a huge asset to everyone.”


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