ABN AMRO launches partnership with Young Impact

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On 1 April, ABN AMRO launched a partnership with Young Impact, a ‘youth catalyst’ with an ambitious mission: to get one million young people in the Netherlands to work towards a better world by 2025. It’s very special for a bank to contribute to a goal like this.

What is Young Impact?

Young Impact was set up in 2016. Its goal? To encourage young people to create and celebrate positive social change. Initiator Patrick Anthonissen based his idea for Young Impact on WE Day, a programme in Canada, the United States and England that has already inspired a movement of more than two million young, socially active world citizens.

Young Impact believes that young people can create positive change, because they have the energy and talent needed to make an impact – on others, on the world and on themselves. A big impact starts with a small movement.

Celebrate impact

Every year, some 10,000 socially active young people in the Netherlands are given a ticket to the unique Young Impact Celebration, a fantastic show in Rotterdam Ahoy, featuring Dutch artists such as Broederliefde and Famke Louise and Young Impact ambassadors Teske de Schepper and Rico Verhoeven. At the celebration, the Young Impact Awards are given to the most notable young impact makers of the previous year. This year, ABN AMRO is the proud sponsor of the Environment Award.

Big starts small

Our partnership with Young Impact is a prime example of how we can use sponsorship programmes to promote our bank’s story and mission. Based on our purpose ‘Banking for better, for generations to come’ and our sponsorship activation theme Exceptionally Driven, we work with society’s game changers – people who don’t give up, who use their energy and creativity to make the world a better place and to inspire others to do the same. That doesn’t necessarily involve big, far-reaching projects. On the contrary, it starts with small steps. Through Young Impact, we can use our bank’s knowledge, resources and network to help young idealists succeed – so that someday they can really change the world. Big starts small!


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