ABN AMRO, Port of Rotterdam and Samsung SDS prove that blockchain technology works for DELIVER

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First paperless, instantly financed and fully door-to-door intermodal tracked container made its way from Korea to the Netherlands on Blockchain-based platform DELIVER

ABN AMRO, Port of Rotterdam and Samsung SDS proved that blockchain technology enables interoperability, the integration of the tracking and tracing the container, processing the needed documentation and financing can be done in a trusted, secure and paperless way.

New technologies as blockchain have the potential to take over supply chain management entirely and disrupt traditional ways of working. As the Proof of Concept (PoC) revealed, a supply chain management ecosystem with a complete, paperless integration of physical, administrative and financial streams is now truly feasible. It fuels process automation and provides value to all the actors in the supply chain. DELIVER is a leading pioneer in the supply chain management space powered by blockchain.

Trade flows often are collateral for loans. ABN AMRO is one of the global leaders in trade financing. Edwin van Bommel, Chief Innovation Officer at ABN AMRO: “We are strongly committed to help our clients in their process to fully automate their trade flows. All parties involved in the trade flow will benefit from more effective controls, greater efficiency, transparency and traceability.”

Next steps

With signing an extended collaboration agreement and the PoC phase behind us, partners ABN AMRO, Port of Rotterdam and Samsung SDS are now focussing on the next phase.

The goal of this phase is to perform pilots with multiple shippers from various industries and acting in different trade lanes. With these pilots we will be integrating all the supply chain flows: from workflow management combined with track & trace to the digitisation of paper documentation such as waybills and the financing of handled freight or services. The ultimate objective is to reach an open, independent and global platform that operates from the perspective of shippers. This will make the supply chain more transparent and efficient, and millions of euros can be saved in the long term. In this phase we explore in which way shape or form this can be done. Hereby we consider all possible business models.


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