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ABN AMRO, like other banks, is closing down a number of its cash bag deposit machines used by businesses.

The reason is that some of these types of machines at other banks have been targeted by criminals who blow them open with explosives, causing major damage and posing considerable risks to the community. The Dutch Banking Association (NVB) has issued a statement explaining the joint action being taken by banks to reduce the risk of explosive attacks.

Business cash bag deposit procedures at ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO is keeping 130 cash bag deposit machines open across the country between 6.00 am and 6.30 pm. Within these hours, clients can continue to deposit cash. The other machines have been emptied and switched off. The machines that are open by day are also emptied and switched off after 6.30 pm. To find out which machines are still in use, please consult the map on our website (in Dutch only). Scroll down to the map, and select ‘Meer zoekopties’, then select ‘Geldautomaat’, ‘Sealbags’ and ‘Zoeken’.

Other options

ABN AMRO offers businesses several other safe alternatives for depositing cash into their accounts. They can take their cash to the counter inside the bank. Or they can use a combined cash & deposit machine, although this requires a bank card. To find these machines, please consult the map on our website (in Dutch only).

Finally, businesses can also use the secure cash deposit services offered by a security company that ABN AMRO works with. In this case, the cash is collected at the business premises by a specialised cash transport company like G4S. This is not an ABN AMRO product. For further information, businesses can contact the cash transport company directly, or get in touch with their account manager or our Service Desk on 088-226 26 26.


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