Giving Pride a face

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Every year during Pride, ABN AMRO makes a statement on equality for everyone. And this year, too, ABN AMRO is highlighting diversity and inclusion during the Pride week, so we are proudly flying the rainbow flag on some of our buildings. It’s a special flag, composed of selfies of people from the bank who are all just as passionate as ABN AMRO is about conveying that everyone is allowed to be who they are – no exceptions.

Feeling free and appreciated

For years, ABN AMRO has been committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome and safe, regardless of their background, ethnicity, faith, gender, age, physical disability or sexual orientation. ABN AMRO’s focus on diversity and inclusion goes beyond the Pride week. These topics are priorities in our strategy and policies, they are features of ABN AMRO’s modern business culture.  

At ABN AMRO, we believe different backgrounds and beliefs make our organisation stronger, not weaker. All those differences give us a better understanding of what’s going on in the world around us and help us come up with new ideas. Creative and innovative ideas that help our clients realise their dreams and ideals more fully.

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