Innovating when the world is at a standstill

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Society in the Netherlands is back in a partial lockdown. It’s easy to lose momentum in this situation, but this is actually an opportune time to forge ahead with plans to innovate. That’s exactly what Vrijdag Premium Printing is doing by taking part in Impact Nation’s programme. Watch their story here.

Vrijdag Premium Printing manufactures packaging, so most of its products end up on the rubbish heap. Director Henk Nota decided that had to change. But it was easier said than done – where do you start?

He found his starting point in a programme run by Impact Nation, a collaboration between ABN AMRO, Impact Hub and The Next Web. Our role in the programme is to help companies formulate their sustainability challenge. Impact Hub and The Next Web then guide them in tackling the challenge. Together we arrive at a concrete solution within a hundred days. Curious  to see how it happened? Watch the video of Vrijdag Premium Printing’s journey.

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Not castles in the air but concrete results

We  want to help clients become more sustainable. Impact Nation’s programme is set up to guide business owners to a concrete answer to their sustainability issue within one hundred days. But it doesn’t end there – after the programme has ended we continue to support and advise them on financing, rules and regulations, and measuring impact.

Focus on SMEs

The programme with Impact Nation is different from other initiatives in that we focus primarily on small and medium-size enterprises. A lot of similar programmes are available only to larger organisations. 

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