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Until recently, clients of ABN AMRO Groenbank could open a green deposit account with Moneyou. This past August, however, ABN AMRO decided to discontinue all of Moneyou’s savings activities. As a result, it is no longer possible to open a new green deposit account with Moneyou.

Although ABN AMRO Groenbank will temporarily not be able to attract savings under the green investment scheme, this will not have any consequences for green project financing. In the course of 2021, ABN AMRO will offer a new green deposit account through its own channels. ABN AMRO will make a standard bridging facility available to ABN AMRO Groenbank, which can be used until the new green deposit account can be opened through ABN AMRO. Once this has been introduced, funding from the bridging facility will be replaced by savings attracted under the green scheme.

More information on ABN AMRO Groenbank is available at this website. Details of the decision regarding Moneyou’s activities are set out in a previous news article.


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