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As from today (11 March 2020), you can read the 2019 Annual Report on this website. A legally required document full of complicated figures? On the contrary – it’s the up-to-date story of ABN AMRO written in easy-to-understand language. The Integrated Annual Review provides a concise view of the environment we operate in, our strategy, our achievements and what we did for our stakeholders. The Annual Report and Financial Statements provide a summary of our financial and non-financial results. We also publish a series of additional reports, such as the Impact Report and the Human Rights Update. Read six highlights from our reports below.

1 – Our impact on society in 2019

As a bank, we want to create long-term value for our clients, employees, investors and society at large. At the same time, we want to reduce our negative impact, such as climate damage and child labour, together with our stakeholders. What impact did ABN AMRO have on its environment in 2019? Read about this in our 2019 Impact Report​ (PDF 2 MB) and our Human Rights Update for 2019.

2 – Fighting financial crime

“Three years ago, we were dealing with around 2,500 alerts a month. Now it’s 6,000…” In an interview, analyst Josephine Ottolander and SIM managing director Adriaan van Dorp talk about the latest developments in detecting financial crime. Read the interview on pages 50-51 of the Integrated Annual Review 2019​ (PDF 5 MB).

3 – The bank at a glance

Which countries and businesses does ABN AMRO operate in and how many employees work at our different locations? How does our loan portfolio break down? At what pace are our investments in sustainable assets growing? For a quick scan, see Our bank on pages 8-9 of the Integrated Annual Review 2019​ (PDF 5 MB)

4 – “We are a pioneer when it comes to carbon accounting”

‘Carbon accounting’ involves reporting on carbon emissions. More on this and many other topics in the interview with our CEO, Kees van Dijkhuizen.

5 – A 12-month review of the bank

A clear timeline shows the most significant events in 2019. From our introduction of wearables, financing of a mega-wind farm and signing of the UN Principles, to the Digital Impact Fund, which doubled in size.

6 – “People want their bank to be safe and reliable. Compliance creates true value.”

Read the detailed interview with Tom de Swaan, Chairman of ABN AMRO’s Supervisory Board.

More information on our reports: Go to the website or read the press release issued by ABN AMRO, ‘ABN AMRO publishes 2019 Integrated Annual Review and Annual Report’.


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