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ABN AMRO is seeing that interest in sustainable financing is increasing among its corporate clients in Europe. More and more large companies are raising ‘green money’ themselves or are applying for financing from the bank for sustainable projects.

The increased interest in green bonds in Northwest Europe has been visible for years. The portfolio of solar and wind power financing is also growing. The interest of businesses in sustainability linked loans these past 12 months is also noticeable.

Advantages for clients

Karianne Tieleman, Head of Sustainability Advisory at Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB), explains what these loans are. “Sustainability linked loans are relatively new. These loans are linked to specific sustainability targets. When companies take out a loan, they publicise their sustainability goals, sending a strong message to their employees, clients and the outside world. When these goals are met, ABN AMRO’s financing becomes more favourable for clients.”

ABN AMRO grants these loans to clients in the shipping industry who are making an effort to reduce their emissions, as well as large businesses who want to operate in other environmentally friendly ways. “For example, by reducing their waste stream or by being energy efficient,” Karianne explains.

Green is the future

Interest in sustainability is on the rise because of a growing awareness that green is the future. This sentiment is found in both small-and medium-sized enterprises and corporate businesses. Karianne:  “Clients and investors are expecting businesses to be concerned with sustainability and choose to work with businesses that are actively pursuing this. Current and future employees at these companies want to pursue sustainability as well.”

All corporate services

You can find a full overview of all sustainable banking services for the European corporate market on ABN AMRO’s Corporate & Institutional Banking website. The website shows which initiatives are being developed to speed up sustainable progress. A total of 25 ABN AMRO employees at Corporate & Institutional Banking are working on sustainable financial services for large businesses.


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