Sustainable hydrogen to become a feature of the energy transition

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Yesterday afternoon the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs informed the country’s House of Representatives of the Cabinet’s policy on sustainable hydrogen.

The policy describes the Cabinet’s views on the importance of sustainable hydrogen in the energy transition.

ABN AMRO has set itself the ambition to work with its energy clients to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy. As part of that ambition, ABN AMRO joined other banks in providing input for the Cabinet’s policy.

ABN AMRO energy banker Peter van Ees explains, “Besides wind and solar, hydrogen is another source that is being given explicit consideration. We recognise that sustainable hydrogen will become an essential part of the energy transition. We are already actively taking part in various pilot projects, and ABN AMRO wishes to play an important and leading role in financing the scale up of sustainable hydrogen in the Netherlands and Europe.”

ABN AMRO expects that more and more possibilities will emerge during the years ahead to produce hydrogen using sustainable methods, and that hydrogen offers a viable and alternative clean source of energy, particularly in lines of business where decarbonisation is difficult, such as in the chemical industry and heavy transport.


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