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Most people think about the environment when the topic of sustainability comes up, and understandably so. To ABN AMRO, however, this is just one of several themes under the umbrella of sustainability. Another such theme is social impact: the positive effect on individuals and society at large that ABN AMRO can bring about, together with clients, to give as many people as possible the means to participate in society. In order to enable our client-facing employees to make even greater strides toward this goal, ABN AMRO has launched an e-learning course on social impact in cooperation with the Dukers & Baelemans training institute.

Social impact, and in particular the positive difference that ABN AMRO can make around various social issues, is a hot topic - especially in light of the pandemic. “Sustainability features large in ABN AMRO's strategy, with social impact as one of its components”, says Eric Jones, director of Home & Advice at ABN AMRO Personal Banking and chair of this division’s core sustainability team. “At Personal Banking, we’re working hard every day to boost our clients' financial independence, promote equal opportunities, and reduce financial vulnerability. The e-learning course supports our colleagues in these activities.”
The e-learning course on social impact was launched in late June 2020. By October, 35% of Personal Banking staff had obtained the certificate. "I'm pleased to see so many of our colleagues have already completed the course, not to mention the meaningful response we often see afterwards. The e-learning course can evoke some surprisingly deep emotions. Colleagues in all positions are proud and inspired to be making a difference, and in turn, I’m proud of all the colleagues who are making that impact on society day after day.” Eric Jones concludes.


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