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How do you extract valuable materials from a city? And once you’ve done that, how can you re-use them? How can procurement officers make sure that coffee or company cars meet their circular criteria? And how can marketeers get people on board with their circular agendas? All these questions and more will be answered at Circl during the Week of the Circular Economy.

This week, from 3 to 7 February, Circl – ABN AMRO’s circular pavilion at Gustav Mahlerplein in Amsterdam – will focus exclusively on the circular economy. In a circular economy – also known as the cradle-to-cradle economy – everything is re-used and nothing is thrown away. ABN AMRO has allied with Circl this week because we believe that circularity offers solutions to climate change and the shortage of natural resources.


The programme includes meetings and Q&A sessions during which circular economy experts will hold discussions with participants and others in the audience. This includes the well-known activist marketeer Thomas Kolster and Marjolein Goense, who as head of Procurement at ABN AMRO, makes sure that the bank’s suppliers are sustainable and innovative. And Michel Baars, a sustainable entrepreneur who will talk about how urban mining works in his company, New Horizon. After listening to these top speakers, you can go to Brains & Beers for a cold beer and some wise words on circular business practices.


To see the full programme, go to the Circl website. If you are unable to attend, check out Instagram, which will feature posts on the event all week. ABN AMRO’s website shows what the bank is doing to promote the circular economy and how we are making the transition to a sustainable future.


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