Women deserve equal pay for equal work, but are they getting it?

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In anticipation of Equal Pay Day (11 November 2020), ABN AMRO is publishing the results of its gender pay analysis, focus was on the Netherlands, where we also analysed whether women have the same promotion opportunities as their male counterparts within the bank.

The analysis shows that at ABN AMRO, men and women in the same pay scale receive equal pay. They also are given equal promotion opportunities. Good results, but there is also room for improvement. For example, there are still disparities in gender distribution across job levels. Proportionately more men are represented in the higher pay scales, while there are more women in the lower scales. If ABN AMRO wishes to change this disparity, it will need to pay more attention to its hiring policy and to the internal promotion of women to senior leadership positions. There is still much work to be done.

ABN AMRO has long been committed to equal rights for men and women. This is evidenced by our active diversity and inclusion policy and our involvement in the social initiatives that support it. To that end, in March 2020, ABN AMRO signed onto the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP), an initiative of the United Nations. The principles are designed to strengthen the position of women within the company, the sector, and society as a whole.

Current state of affairs

The abovementioned results are from the analysis we conducted this summer into the current state of affairs regarding equal pay within ABN AMRO. The analysis was predicated on two questions: On average, do women earn the same as their male counterparts at ABN AMRO? Do men and women have the same growth opportunities within ABN AMRO? These questions serve as a guideline for the entire equal pay analysis​ (PDF 176 KB).


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