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During the coming two weeks, the spotlight at ABN AMRO will be on doing business internationally. The idea behind the WereldWeken, or Global Weeks, is to support both small and large businesses in achieving their entrepreneurial ambitions in the international arena.

Edzard Ensched√©, International Network Director, explains why ABN AMRO is organising the WereldWeken: “We see that customers are looking for inspiration and information. This is understandable as the international economy is more dynamic than ever, what with the credit crunch and political developments. Businesses want to respond to these developments as best they can.”

During these weeks ABN AMRO will be organising a number of meetings at which entrepreneurs will be able to share best practices and seek personal advice about doing business across borders. Experts in the field will give presentations about how companies can turn international economic developments into opportunities for Dutch business.

“The WereldWeken,” Ensched√© went on to say, “includes presentations, workshops and sessions that touch on a whole host of aspects of doing business internationally, ranging from payments and transfers to regional politics, with a particular emphasis on recent developments. Many of the world’s markets are in flux and we are seeing that some entrepreneurs are taking a wait-and-see stance in response. They appreciate the opportunity to discuss what this will mean for their particular industry.”

ABN AMRO believes that in turbulent economic times such as these it is ever more important for people in business to seek each other out and enter into dialogue. “Prudence is called for, yet we need to remain proactive,” Ensched√© explains. “Because of its interactive character, the WereldWeken-programme allows us to help businesses by providing insight into developments in their market, while they in turn show us how we can better respond to their needs.”

The WereldWeken has something to offer for all types of businesses, from the self-employed to multinationals. If you would like to know more about the WereldWeken or about doing business internationally, check out www.abnamro.nl/wereldweken or www.abnamro.nl/internationaal (in Dutch only).


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