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This week, ABN AMRO has been labelled “friendly to informal carers” by Stichting Werk&Mantelzorg. This Dutch organisation awards the label to organisations that encourage employees to discuss their informal care duties and are prepared to offer them tailored solutions, such as flexible working hours, permission to organise informal care during working hours and permission to leave at a moment’s notice if the situation demands.

Why highlight ABN AMRO’s informal care policy?

The bank wants its employees to be aware of the opportunities that ABN AMRO offers if they find themselves offering long-term, high-intensity informal care to sick or disabled family members or friends. About 12 per cent of the Dutch workforce are informal carers, and the way society is developing, the need for informal carers is going to increase.

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The "friendly to informal carers" label confirms ABN AMRO’s commitment to look with their employees at solutions allowing them to combine their job at the bank with their informal care duties. This fits in with its overall policy aimed at helping employees achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Stichting Werk&Mantelzorg works with employers, national and local government, interest groups and people who combine paid employment with informal care. The foundation offers information, advice, and tools on this theme.

For an organisation to earn the label “friendly to informal carers” it must meet three conditions:

  1. The schemes and the organisation are structured in a way that gives employees room to attend to their informal care duties.
  2. The organisation communicates about informal care.
  3. Managers and employees who are also informal carers work together to find tailored solutions.


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