ABN AMRO reports outcome of EU-wide Transparency Exercise

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ABN AMRO notes the announcements made today by the European Banking Authority and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) regarding the information of the EU-wide Transparency Exercise 2015 and fulfilment of the EBA Board of Supervisors’ decision.

Background 2015 EU-wide Transparency Exercise

The Board of Supervisors of the EBA decided in its meeting of 24 of February 2015 to carry out a Transparency Exercise in 2015. In its April meeting, the Board of Supervisors agreed on the form and scope of the transparency exercise to be conducted in September-November 2015 to assure a sufficient and appropriate level of information to market participants. A testing phase was carried out with participating banks between May and July 2015 in order to design the process and templates.

The data collection relies as much as possible on the information reported to the EBA on a regular basis through the supervisory reporting framework (FINREP, COREP) and most of the templates were centrally filled in by the EBA and sent afterwards for verification by banks and supervisors. The only exception to that process covers the templates on Sovereign Exposures and Leverage Ratio which banks had to fill-in by themselves.



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