ABN AMRO presents first post-corona management e-book for entrepreneurs

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Many entrepreneurs are having a hard time getting on top of the extensive damage caused by the coronavirus crisis. They have to adapt and adjust to a new reality, and in some cases completely reinvent themselves. How do you go about that, and where do you start? ABN AMRO presents the first entrepreneurial management book for life after corona: De zaak vooruit (which can be translated as Moving your business forward).

Over the past few weeks, the bank has been talking to dozens of hands-on experts, specialists and entrepreneurs. Their input has been arranged into five chapters, in which the reader is introduced to a range of interesting business cases and new business models. Furthermore, ABN AMRO teamed up with various trade associations, researchers and experts to develop a method for testing how future-proof a business model is. If you're ready to receive the right inspiration and insights to prime your business for the future, De zaak vooruit is a must-read.

As the coronavirus severely tests our society we all have to make sacrifices, but entrepreneurs in particular are struggling to stay afloat right now. ABN AMRO sat down with various entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges they're experiencing. What are the lessons learned from Covid-19 so far? Which new opportunities present themselves, and what else can entrepreneurs look forward to in a post-corona world? The new e-book presents all the insights, interesting cases, new business models, and relevant developments that will shape the future of entrepreneurship. “Nobody knows exactly what lies ahead in these uncertain times, but with the insights and inspirations in this book, we're aiming to help you view the future constructively. You can benefit from the experience of fellow entrepreneurs and specialists. It's our goal to arm you with the information and self-confidence to get on with business,” says Daphne de Kluis, ABN AMRO Commercial Banking CEO.

Moving forward

Many an entrepreneur's plans have been foiled by the virus, but that's no reason to give up. Above all, flexibility, determination and creativity will see you through these difficult times. However, it's not that easy to get the basics sorted. What should your reinvented business look like? Which scenarios can we expect after the crisis is over? In De zaak vooruit, entrepreneurs and experts from all walks of life share their thoughts. Their stories and forecasts alone provide a wealth of inspiration for entrepreneurs looking to adjust course, but on top of that, ABN AMRO has developed four scenarios for the post-corona world. These will help entrepreneurs with their strategic decisions and long-term planning.

The management book has been received positively by many entrepreneurs. 

“Never waste a good crisis, that was the line going through my head as I read De Zaak Vooruit. It's full of clever examples of making a switch at the right time, of seeing opportunities rather than threats. As you go through the book you'll come up with lots of ideas for your own company.”
Arie Boomsma, entrepreneur and owner of Vondelgym

“Straightforward, clear and essential insights into the opportunities entrepreneurs can seize during the current crisis: that's what you'll get in ABN AMRO’s first – and free – e-book. You probably won't be able to put it down!”
Ginny Ramkisoen, entrepreneur and owner of Ginny Werkt

Available for free

The e-book De zaak vooruit can be downloaded for free at abnamro.nl/dezaakvooruit (in Dutch only). It can be read on all devices including e-readers.


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