Compliance Control Room Lead (Amsterdam) - Amsterdam

  • Plaatsingsdatum: 12-09-2018
  • Vacaturenummer: 17729

At a glance

The Global Control Room is a function within the ABN AMRO Compliance department that acts as a central clearing house for deal-related Conflicts of Interest within and across the various business lines of the bank globally, in order to mitigate regulatory and reputational risks. The Global Control Room also assists the business in managing the flow of Inside Information and preserving the integrity of the Bank’s information barriers and Chinese Wall.A separate function within the Global Control Room is the Global Personal Account Dealing (PAD) Office, which pre-approves and monitors relevant staff’s personal account deals in line with Market Abuse regulations.As Team Lead Global Control Room you manage and oversee the day-to-day operation of the Global Control Room (incl. PAD Office), which currently consists of three team members. You will also interact regularly with the relevant business lines to escalate potential issues and provide guidance and advice on how to manage potential conflicts of interest and the flow of inside information.Furthermore, you will lead a number of initiatives to further expand the scope and reach of the Global Control Room and improve its effectiveness, such as the development and roll-out of new Control Room and PAD systems, establishing an on-the-ground Control Room presence in selected overseas locations and driving the further implementation of the Global PAD Policy across all business lines and countries. This aspect of the role requires close cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders, within the Compliance department and across the bank, including IT, HR and front-line businesses. What do you see when you envision the next step? Work on achieving your goals and develop yourself professionally and personally. Tell us your story. We want to hear it!

Your job

In this role you will:

  • Manage and oversee the daily execution of Control Room and PAD procedures, including:
    • Registering the deals and associated information, such as deal insider lists, in the ABN AMRO Control Room system.
    • Conflict checking of deals against other deals reported to the Global Control Room.
    • Escalate any identified (potential) conflicts of interest to senior management for their review and clearance.
    • Maintaining Marketing, Watch and Restricted Trading lists based on the information reported.
    • Following up with deal team captains on the progression of a deal, to ensure the appropriate Compliance procedures are followed at the right moment.
    • Keeping track of and registering the dissemination of inside information (i.e. price-sensitive or material non-public information)  within the bank.
    • Administering crossings of the Chinese Wall by ‘Public Side’ employees to participate in a ‘Private Side’ client deal or pitch.
    • Reviewing Equity Research reports created by the bank’s Global Markets Research department to help prevent (the perception of) conflicts of interest emanating from issuing these reports.
    • Reviewing and approving/rejecting PAD pre-clearance request submitted by ABN AMRO staff across all business lines and countries.
    • Monitoring PAD transactions of staff members to ensure all trades are pre-approved and in accordance with the PAD policy.
  • Perform the above duties yourself to help manage peak hours.
  • Provide day-to-day guidance and direction to a small team of three Control Room Officers.
  • Take responsibility for the sound set up and functioning of the Control Room, including the maintenance of operating procedures.
  • Ownership of the Global Control Room Policy and Global PAD Policy and key contributor to other related policies.
  • Develop regular reports for the business, senior management and the Compliance MT.
  • Provide guidance to bankers and deal team captains on the management of (potential) conflicts of interest or the handling of inside information.
  • Meet regularly with management of relevant business lines to discuss deal pipelines and advice on applicable procedures.
  • Participate and represent Compliance/Control Room in Deal Engagement Committees.
  • Lead a number of initiatives to further expand the scope and reach of the Global Control Room and improve its effectiveness, such as:
    • Development and roll-out of new Control Room and PAD systems
    • Establishing an on-the-ground Control Room presence in selected overseas locations
    • Driving the further implementation of the Global PAD Policy across all business lines and countries.
  • Deliver regular training to the business on the management of conflicts of interest and market abuse risks and the role of the Global Control Room and PAD Office.

Your working environment

The Global Control Room and Global PAD Office are  part of the Compliance team that supports the bank’s Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) business. The CIB Compliance team is a team of 16 professionals with a variety of backgrounds, skill sets and nationalities, that provides guidance and advice on the full range of Compliance topics and monitors the business’ adherence to the regulatory and policy requirements. The team works closely with other teams within the wider Compliance department, including the local Compliance teams in each of the countries where the bank is present.While organisationally part of the CIB Compliance team, the scope of the Global Control Room and the Global PAD Office goes beyond CIB and also touches on the other business lines of the bank.ABN AMRO’s Compliance department has a common goal: helping to build the trust of our clients, society and ABN AMRO staff, and therefore of our regulators and other stakeholders. It is our attitude, skills and knowledge which are key in reaching our goal to contribute to trust in ABN AMRO.Creating space for dreams and ambitions. Driven by passion, guided by expertise. That is the starting point in all that we think and do. This begins with a shared mind-set. Our compliance experts understand our business, products and clients and add value through a good relationship with all stakeholders. A continuous changing environment demands agility of our compliance experts: proactive adaptations, learning and improving. We operate independently and decisively, act as a sparring partner and are focused on solutions.

Your profile

You have excellent verbal and written communication skills and have the ability to interact with a range of stakeholders. You enjoy working as part of a team and are good at working with others. You are diligent and take pride in your work. Continuous improvement is second nature to you. You pro-actively identify and deliver on opportunities for improvement.Specific requirements:

  • You have at minimum of 10 years work experience, of which at least 5 years in a Compliance relevant position in the financial services sector.
  • You have direct experience in or close familiarity with the activities of a Control Room.
  • You have a strong understanding of corporate and investment banking and associated product sets such as Corporate Finance, M&A, ECM, DCM, Acquisition & Leveraged Finance, Syndicated Lending and Trade & Commodities Finance.
  • You have strong knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, including the Wet Financieel Toezicht (Wft), Market Abuse Regulations (MAD/MAR) and the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II).
  • You have the ability to identify and clearly explain regulatory compliance risks.
  • You have a Master’s degree in Business, Law or other relevant field.
  • You are fluent in English and (preferably) in Dutch.
  • You have experience in leading and or coaching other team members.
  • You have an intrinsic ambition to excel and continuously improve.
  • You possess good project and stakeholder management skills.

What we offer

Within ABN AMRO Compliance we invest in such a manner that everyone is able to demonstrate strong personal leadership skills. We accept that we have a formal hierarchical structure whilst simultaneously adopting an informal way of working that focuses on expertise and cooperation. We invest in expertise by offering training sessions and “on the job” coaching. By 'expertise', we mean both professional compliance-based knowledge and the skills needed to apply that knowledge effectively.This role comes with a market-competitive salary package, complemented with all the secondary benefits that a leading employer such as ABN AMRO has to offer. We are offering

  • The opportunity to be the best you can be, work flexible hours and lots of room to grow both personally and professionally
  • The opportunity to pro-actively work on your vitality and fitness
  • A supplementary benefit budget of 11%, which you can spend on additional fringe benefits
  • A personal development budget of EUR 1.000 per year
  • An annual public transportation pass or travel budget, depending on the function
  • A solid pension plan


If you are interested and believe you match the profile, please send us your CV. Please apply in Talent2Grow. First open the link, then click on the 'apply' button. Next step is to upload your resume and cover letter.Note: you can only approach Talent2Grow using a secure VPN connection via your ABN AMRO laptop. Did you hand over your laptop? Please send your application to