Migration to Internet Banking Commercial

The FAQ's are divided over the following sections:


Why is ABN AMRO discontinuing Money Manager for Windows?
Money Manager for Windows is a system that no longer meets the requirements for current and future payment transactions (for example, it cannot support SEPA transactions). To be able to offer you the best service in the near future it now required to migrate your e-banking platform from Money Manager for Windows to Internet Banking Commercial.

Why is Money Manager for Windows no longer being updated to meet these requirements?
Money Manager for Windows is a client-server application whereas nowadays, clients show an increasing demand for online transaction platforms. In addition, Internet Banking Commercial offers you more functionalities, which enables ABN AMRO to continuously meet your requirements regarding your payment and cash management transactions.

What can I do with Internet Banking Commercial?
Internet Banking is an online banking application offering you an easy way of managing your payments.

What are the benefits of Internet Banking compared with Money Manager for Windows?

  • You can manage your banking business at any time and anywhere.
  • Internet Banking is an online application, which means that you do not need to install and maintain software.
  • Internet banking provides you with detailed information on all your accounts and products.
  • You can have your credits and debits processed automatically in your accounting system. ABN AMRO works with no less than 11 different online accounting providers.
  • Organise staff access and authorisations quickly online.

How secure is Internet Banking Commercial?
ABN AMRO uses advanced security methods and techniques to protect your data and transactions.

Internet Banking functionalities

Can I transfer my addresses to Internet Banking Commercial?
You can transfer your address easily from Money Manager for Windows to Internet Banking Commercial using the Creditor Adress Book Migration tool and manual.

Can I transfer my addresses to Internet Banking Commercial?
You can transfer your address easily from Money Manager for Windows to Internet Banking Commercial using the

What is the difference between an Access Card and a Wereldpas?
The Access Card is a special card that can only be used for Internet Banking (“IB-only”). The Access Card is not suitable to be used at a POS terminal or ATM. However, it is possible to change your PIN code at an ATM. There are no charges for using the Access Card. The Wereldpas can be used at a POS terminal or ATM.

What is an e.dentifier?
The e.dentifier2 (card reader), along with the Wereldpas or Access Card, is the key to Internet Banking.

How can I activate an Access Card?
The Legal Representatives can arrange for the Access Card(s) to be activated via the Your Business Contact department on telephone number: 088-2262626. More than one Access Card can be activated at one time. The department will activate the card or cards immediately once a number of security questions have been answered correctly. To avoid risks, it is important to point out that the Legal Representative cannot distribute the cards to the users until the authorisations have been assigned at Internet Banking. 

Can my employees carry out the same tasks as they are used to with Money Manager for Windows?
The owner can decide which account each user can access. In addition, the owner can of course exclude accounts. The following authorisations can be set:

  • View
    With ‘view statements’, the user can view and download various statements of authorised accounts.

  • Generate
    With ‘generate transactions’, the user has the option of entering payments, or readying payments for dispatch. The user cannot actually send the payments.

  • Send
    With ‘send’, the payment type and limit can be set for the user for each transaction type and whether the user is permitted to send payments independently. The owner can also set up ‘Co-sign’. This means that users can send payments jointly up to the valid bank limits .

Until now, I have not received a letter concerning the migration of Money Manager for Windows. What do I have to do?
The migration of Money Manager for Windows takes place in several phases. If you haven’t received a letter yet, you do not need to take action.

What can I expect once I have signed the Migration Contract for Access to ABN AMRO?
Once we have received and checked the signature, we will activate the Internet Banking contract. If you do not have a card or cards, we will request these for you. Once the contract has been activated, we send you a confirmation letter and an e.dentifier.

What happens if I don’t complete the Access Migration Contract?
Unfortunately, we can not migrate your accounts whitout a signed contract. If you do not return the contract, your Money Manager for Windows contract will eventually be discontinued. Please make sure that your contract is well signed and sent to us, so we can make sure that your payment transactions do not suffer from this migration.

Are there alternatives to Internet Banking?
Yes, an alternative is Access Online. For more information, go here.

Can the migration be postponed?
No, postponement is not possible.

Is it possible to open new accounts during the migration process?
Yes, this is possible. In that case you will be sent a new migration contract, which needs to be well signed and returned to us. The new accounts will automatically be added to your new domain.

What is the cut-off date for using Money Manager for Windows?
After your Internet Banking Commercial domain has been activated, you will for several weeks still be able to use Money Manager for Windows in addition to Internet Banking Commercial. This means that you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with Internet Banking Commercial and to execute your payments from this new payment environment. We trust that after this period you will be able to conduct your day-to-day banking affairs in Internet Banking Commercial so Money Manager for Windows can be terminated. 


What does Internet Banking cost?
For Internet Banking, you pay a monthly charge of € 5,-. For second and subsequent users, you pay a monthly charge of € 1,-. The Access Cards are free of charge. A Wereldpas costs € 1,25 a month.

Is ABN AMRO’s e-dentifier free of charge?
You will receive one e.dentifier free of charge. There is a charge of € 7,95 for each additional e.dentifier.

More information

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
If you have any questions, contact the advisers at Your Business Banking on telephone number: 088-2262626.

Who is the Legal Representative?
The Legal Representative is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Please note: The Legal Representative should also be known as such to the bank. This means that the name and signature of this individual and accompanying authorisations should be recorded in ABM AMRO’s systems.