Sustainable investment is the future

Socially responsible investment will become the norm in the future – there’s no doubt about it. That is why we are making our standard investment products more sustainable. At ABN AMRO, we can make a valuable contribution to people and planet by investing private capital sustainably. In doing so, we always seek to strike a balance between the interests of society and financial returns.

Sustainable investment

ABN AMRO promotes investment in socially responsible enterprises, yet is equally committed to attaining good returns on its investment portfolios. We select companies and funds based not only on how they rate with regard to the environment, social impact and governance, but also on their financial results. Fortunately, these two are not mutually exclusive. Clients can give ABN AMRO a sustainable investment mandate or opt for sustainable investment advisory services if they want to take decisions themselves. 

We offer sustainable investment products and solutions for clients who wish to invest in companies with financially sound business models that seek to have a positive impact on society. Through our Social Impact Fund, we also invest in promising Dutch businesses with a social mission.

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