ABN AMRO extends partnership with Social Enterprise NL

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ABN AMRO today announced a two-year extension of its agreement with Social Enterprise NL, a partnership that started in 2012. Social Enterprise NL represents, connects and supports the community of social enterprises in the Netherlands. ABN AMRO supports this countrywide platform by providing financial and entrepreneurial expertise, alongside investment and coaching.

A social enterprise is a company whose main objective is to have a social impact and for which turning a profit is not its main goal but a means to achieve an end. Social enterprises have been growing in number and are found across all sectors of the business world, where they create major social value for people and planet. Social Enterprise NL helps these companies by providing training courses and workshops, finding capital and lobbying for improved rules and regulations for social enterprises.

Willemijn Verloop, founder and director of Social Enterprise NL, commented: “Access to finance remains an uphill struggle for many social entrepreneurs, but there has been a major improvement in financial resources on offer in these past few years – in which ABN AMRO has undoubtedly led the pack. In addition, the bank has been helping our sector by sharing its expertise in coaching programmes for social entrepreneurs as well as through access-to-finance events we run for our network. What’s more, ABN AMRO has made inroads by actually becoming a client of a growing number of social enterprises. We are looking forward to continuing down this road in the years ahead!”

Kees van Dijkhuizen, ABN AMRO’s CEO, added: “Sustainability is one of the bank’s key pillars and claims a prominent position in our strategy and purpose, with social entrepreneurship a key theme. When solutions to social problems come together with a sound business model, economic and social value converge, and social entrepreneurs make a real impact. We help by offering our expertise, coaching and investment.”


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