FX Solutions


Our clients enjoy access to a variety of FX liquidity and venues, both Electronic Currency Networks (ECNs), MTFs, Aggregators and Single Bank Platforms from partner banks.

ABN AMRO Clearing acts as principal on its clients behalf and extends the credit held with multiple counterparties to them (under ISDA, Master Confirmation Agreement and Credit Support Annex) to support their Proprietary, Hedging or Treasury requirements.

Specialised services

ABN AMRO Clearing includes these OTC FX positions within a cross-product portfolio. This generates optimal offset in our correlation margining risk tool between all OTC and exchanged-traded securities, futures, and derivatives.

Our FX service complements our complete suite of Prime services. Our FX solutions are used for both arbitrage and hedging purposes. We thus effectively support multi-strategy funds conducting pure FX or relative value arbitrage strategies.

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