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What do you enjoy about your work? Well, obviously the content and my colleagues. But job satisfaction is also about a convivial working environment, a comfortable chair to sit in and above all good coffee as well as a wide choice of food in the staff restaurant. This last aspect is what I'm focusing on in this phase of my revolving traineeship by finding out what employees think of the restaurant at our head office in Amsterdam

The bank has plans to give the restaurant an overhaul. But before that, we need to know what people want and what they hope to use it for. Would they also like to work and have meetings there and/or be able to use it for drinks receptions? I did some client and benchmark research to find out, beginning with what employees think of the restaurant at the moment. Iris Willems Trainee Process Consulting Talent Programme

A good way to get to know your colleagues

The survey yielded a rather negative picture, with people saying there was not enough choice, poor value for money and nowhere to have informal meetings. I then gathered suggestions for improvement by talking to people who were prepared to provide input. This was really enjoyable since it meant I got to know lots of people within the organisation.

Visits to other staff restaurants around the country

Another enjoyable aspect was that I got to make working visits to staff restaurants at other companies in the Netherlands, such as Google, Uber, Alliander, Volksbank and Coca-Cola. I saw an awful lot, including several things I'd like to see done in our own restaurant. At Uber, for instance, breakfast, lunch and snacks are free and the food is always ready to be collected immediately. Coca-Cola's staff restaurant is brand new and looks really wonderful. At Volksbank, employees are given detailed information about how many calories are in their lunch, and ProRail has a very clever self-scan payment system.

Not on the back burner

I'm now putting the finishing touches to my advisory report and am confident it won't just be put on the back burner since management is extremely interested and committed to making things better. I'm often asked for input about the refurbishment and still can't get over the fact that I'm being allowed to help decide how 5,500 colleagues will eat their lunch! I really feel I can make a difference.

More sustainable procurement

Soon, though, this phase of my traineeship will be over and I'll be moving to Procurement, where I'll help to make our procurement processes more sustainable. I'll be thinking about what we ask of our suppliers and what we want from them, as well as what they're able to do. Sustainability is obviously key, but what if the sustainable supplier is three times as expensive? These are interesting questions which I'm being given the chance to help answer.

I've got a lot out of the traineeship already

I've found the entire Process Consulting Talent Programme stimulating, since as well as the assignment itself, it encourages you to work on your own development. I've been on many training courses. Personal leadership, for example, asks you to think about where you currently stand, where you want to go with your work and how you get there. I've also been given training in effective

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