Coen de Bruijn

I’m not the kind of person who always knew what he wanted to be.


I was born and raised in Limburg. I then had a great time living in Utrecht and studying Psychology. When our oldest son, Niels, was born, my wife and I moved to Zeist. We now have another boy, Thijs, as well. From my base in Zeist, I’ve worked in Gorinchem (SPSS), Utrecht (Atos Consulting/Fortis Bank) and Amsterdam (ABN AMRO).


I’m not the kind of person who always knew what he wanted to be. But that doesn’t mean I left my career to chance. Three factors were important. Only do things you enjoy, take your opportunities and dare to step outside your comfort zone. After graduating, I got the chance to work at SPSS as a trainer and consultant. I then made the move to Fortis Bank in 2006.

The department where I now work analyses and, where possible, prevents financial crime. Things like money-laundering, fraud and cybercrime. I’m due to transfer shortly to Enterprise Information Management. The task of that department is to make sure the right strategic information gets to the right people at the right time.

My passion

I have a healthy scepticism when it comes to statistics. Are the figures correct? Where do they come from? I decided to put my thoughts down on paper and my book Tofu Gives You Amnesia was published at the end of 2010. I also like to play hockey and tennis.

My week

We’ve been busy lately rolling out a policy to prevent bribery and corruption. But we’ve also been asked to examine the security of the ABN AMRO tennis tournament. Every week is different. I coordinate where necessary and make the decisions. Fortunately I have a team of professionals behind me who are fully committed to making the bank more secure every day.

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