Frequently Asked Questions about Cookies

What is the cookie law?

A section of the Dutch Telecommunications Act (section 11.7a) contains specific rules on placing cookies on computers and other devices of internet users. This provision came into force on 5 June 2012.

Must ABN AMRO comply with the cookie law?

Yes, since 5 June 2012 ABN AMRO’s websites must comply with the rules of the cookie law. This also applies to the websites of subsidiaries such as MoneYou. It makes no difference for what types of user the website is intended: the rules apply to all websites.

What are ABN AMRO’s obligations under the cookie law?

Before ABN AMRO places or reads a cookie it must inform the internet user of the purposes for which it uses cookies. ABN AMRO must then obtain the consent of the internet user to use the information from the cookies.

These rules apply only to non-essential or non-functional cookies. These are cookies that are not strictly necessary for the proper functioning of ABN AMRO’s websites. An example is cookies used for marketing purposes.

The law does not apply to essential or functional cookies, for example cookies that remember language preferences or passwords or cookies needed to combat fraud. ABN AMRO is not required to provide information about these cookies. Nor does it have to obtain consent for their use.

What does ABN AMRO do to comply with the cookie law?

The website only uses functional and analytical cookies. These cookies ensure the smooth operation of the website and analyse the use of the website so that we can improve it. The cookies cannot identify you personally. 

ABN AMRO need not request consent for the use of functional and analytical cookies. You can find more information about their use on our website.

How can I get rid of the cookie notification?

The only way to get rid of the notification is by clicking on the OK button. By doing so you confirm that you have been informed about the use of functional and analytical cookies on the website.

Do the rules apply only to PCs?

No, the rules also apply to cookies on other devices such as smartphones, tablets and games computers.

What happens if two or more people and/or minors use the same computer?

ABN AMRO does not need to check whether a particular device is used by two or more people. Nor is this even possible. No separate rules apply to minors.