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On Wednesday, 12 October JINC will team up with ABN AMRO to host the first edition of ‘Starting up your own business in 1 day’. This exciting project gives 200 students from preparatory secondary vocational schools in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Leeuwarden an opportunity to experience, for one day, what it is like to run a business. Supervising the students will be fifty of ABN AMRO’s people, who will take them to visit remarkable local businesses. ‘It’s important that young people see the practical side of running a business. In this rapidly evolving labour market, people need qualities such as flexibility, self-reliance and an enterprising mindset,’ explains Daniël Roos (director of JINC).

Increasing pressure on young people

The labour market is continuing its trend toward more flexibility. Younger and less highly educated workers in particular are seeing an ongoing shift toward flexible employment. Workers below the age of 35 are less likely to have permanent employment: since 2008 the figures have dropped from 70% to 50%. As a consequence, young people are under increasing pressure to be self-reliant and enterprising. However, for around 600,000 young people growing up in socially and economically disadvantaged environments in the Netherlands, developing that enterprising mindset does not come automatically. Many of them lack the necessary skills, role models and networks. JINC helps these young people to discover their talent for business and offers them tools to help them moving forward.

Starting up your own business

‘Starting up your own business in 1 day’ is a short-form version of JINC’s ‘Starting up your own business’ project, in which young people learn the theory and practice of running a business. The students are helped by coaches from the business community and self-employed business owners. Where the regular project comprises twelve hours of lessons spread across six weeks, the short-form version provides an intensive immersion in the world of business ownership. ‘“Starting up your own business in 1 day” is an opportunity for young people to experience every aspect of running a business, with help from JINC and ABN AMRO’s coaches. This includes aspects that they might initially not have considered, for example recordkeeping and taxes. I see how the students grow during the project and watch as their business talents flourish,’ explains Daniël Roos, director of JINC.


ABN AMRO is a partner of JINC and the chief sponsor of ‘Starting up your own business’. ‘It’s ABN AMRO’s ambition to give young people a boost and help them discover their talents. This offers a perfect match with JINC and “Starting up your own business”’, comments Ernst Boekhorst (Director of ABN AMRO Foundation).


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