ABN AMRO Clearing remains globally active

Press release
17 August 202015:45
ABN AMRO Clearing remains globally active
ABN AMRO Clearing remains globally active

ABN AMRO announced last week that it’s Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) will focus on Corporate Banking in Northwest Europe and Clearing globally.

No impact on ABN AMRO Clearing

Over the past months ABN AMRO has reviewed CIB in response to ongoing loan losses and disappointing returns, especially on lending activities outside of Europe. The bank’s announcement to wind down its Corporate Banking business outside of Europe explicitly excludes Clearing and will therefore not affect ABN AMRO Clearing’s clients, exchange memberships, footprint or locations. Although the Corporate Banking side of ABN AMRO will wind down its activities in the US, Asia, Australia and Brazil, there will be no impact on the Clearing network. Clearing will keep its local presence in these markets.

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