Our strategy

Our purpose

Our purpose is clear: Throughout their lives, our clients strive to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, large and small. We use our financial expertise to empower our clients to take charge of their lives and pursue their goals.

At the heart of our strategy is our long-term strategic foundation. We have also defined four medium-term strategic priorities to support us in pursuing our strategy.

Long-term strategic foundation

The foundation of our long-term strategy stands firm: we are client-driven, we are a bank with a moderate risk profile, we will continue to invest in the future and we pursue sustainable growth. Building on this, we will focus our efforts in the coming years on delivering expertise, digital convenience, innovation, growth and an agile, simplified organisation.

433x433 Strategy client-drivenClient-driven: Our clients’ interests come first in everything we do. We engage our clients in a dialogue to help us understand their needs and are committed to forging long-term relationships with them. We deliver high-quality advice and use technology to give our clients the best possible service.

433x433 Strategy moderate risk profileModerate risk profile: We pursue a prudent risk policy and maintain diversification and focus in our activities. Our capital buffers are larger than what is required by regulations. And we have a solid liquidity position and a clean and strong balance sheet.

433x433 Strategy invest in our futureInvest in the future: We aim to foster a culture of excellence. We want to be positively recognised for our position on sustainability and transparency. We are redesigning our IT landscape to ensure we are an innovative bank with which clients can do business easily.

433x433 Strategy sustainable growthSustainable growth: We will gradually be growing our business in a sustainable manner in the coming years. We are doing this based on our proven expertise and existing market position, in line with our moderate risk profile. At the same time, we continually strive to control costs and improve efficiency.

Medium-term strategic priorities

For support in pursuing our long-term strategy, we have formulated four medium-term strategic priorities: Bring expertise, Enhance the client experience, Innovate & grow and Deliver fast.

433x433-Bring valuable expertiseOur expertise is our strength; our knowledge and experience distinguish us from other banks. In the years up to 2020, we will further develop our expertise: we are bolstering and broadening our sector and product knowledge, and we intend to use that know-how to craft personalised solutions and pursue growth in more countries. We are also opening up our network in order to bring together clients.

433x433-Offer inspiring convenient experienceIn the years ahead, we will enhance the client experience by making digitalisation an even bigger priority. How? By reshaping our IT landscape, investing in new technologies and joining forces with fintechs.

433x433-Grow expertise innovate offeringWe will be gradually growing our businesses in the coming years: Corporate Banking will pursue growth both geographically and in new sectors, and Private Banking will focus on growth in Northwest Europe. On the retail front, MoneYou will add payment services to its product offering and will become a completely digital, full-service European retail innovator. We also plan to introduce new digital innovators for Corporate Banking and Private Banking.

433x433 Strategy transcending topicWe are accelerating change and digitising our products and services. At the same time, our organisation will become simpler and have fewer layers as we introduce agile methods bank-wide. This way of working accelerates our time-to-market and will help us deliver fast.

Read more in our Annual Report 2016​ (PDF 8 MB)