Our strategy

Throughout their lives, our clients have aims and dreams both big and small. We make our financial knowledge and skills available so that they can take control of their lives and achieve their goals.

ABN AMRO has four strategic pillars which underpin everything the bank does. To achieve our long-term objectives, we have identified four medium-term priorities. We have also set ourselves four sustainability focus areas.

A long-term strategic foundation

Our long-term strategy is solid: we are a client-driven bank, we maintain a moderate risk profile, we continue to invest in the future and we are firmly committed to sustainable growth.

Client-driven: Everything we do is shaped by the client’s financial well-being. We engage in a dialogue with our clients to understand their needs, and strive to forge sustainable client relationships. We provide advice of the highest quality and leverage technology to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Moderate risk profile: We pursue a prudent risk policy, bringing balance and focus to our activities. We maintain higher capital buffers than we are legally required to do. We have a solid liquidity position and a clean, strong balance sheet. In addition, we continue to focus on cost savings and efficiency improvements. 

Invest in the future: ABN AMRO is currently restructuring its IT organisation to ensure that it remains an innovative bank with which clients can easily do business. We are committed to fostering a diverse workforce, reflecting the communities in which we do business.

Sustainable growth: We are working to make our products, services and organisation more sustainable. Each quarter, we make a careful analysis of the effects this has on our clients, employees, investors and society. We also report on the value we create for these stakeholders by publishing an integrated profit and loss account. 

Medium-term strategic priorities

To support our long-term strategy, we have identified four medium-term priorities: Bring expertise, Enhance the client experience, Innovate & grow, and Deliver fast.

We are constantly coming up with new ways to make our expertise available. For instance, retail banking clients now have access to a divorce desk and senior citizen coaches. Our business clients can avail themselves of a growing number of sector experts. We are also opening up our network to bring business clients together.

Banking should be accessible, user-friendly and simple. We look forward to enhancing the client experience in the coming years by continuing to capitalise on digital services. To that end, we are restructuring our IT organisation, investing in new technologies and start-ups, and joining forces with external fintech companies.

ABN AMRO is committed to growth through innovation. Customers also expect this from us. We were the first Dutch bank to open its developer portal to outside programmers. In addition, we are gaining experience in blockchain technology and are starting companies outside the bank like Prospery, New10 and Franx. 

We are changing at a faster rate and are moving forward with the digital innovation of our products and services. At the same time, we are simplifying our organisation by reducing the number of layers it comprises. Some 5,000 ABN AMRO employees are now working in multidisciplinary agile teams, thereby shortening the time to market for new products and services, and ensuring fast delivery.

Sustainability focus areas

ABN AMRO has set four sustainability focus areas: human rights and inclusiveness, the circular economy and climate change.

We believe it is important for banks to be mindful of human rights when doing business. When making loans and investments or procuring products and services, we comply with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. One example is the critical review and analysis of our investments in the cocoa industry which we carried out in 2017.

Social entrepreneurs work to create an economy that benefits everyone. They have a major impact on society. ABN AMRO aims to provide more support to these entrepreneurs through funding, financial advice, coaching via ABN AMRO Foundation and investments from the ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund.

ABN AMRO is promoting the transition to a circular economy. We are approaching our business clients to ask if we can help them transition to a circular business model. We intend to have financed EUR 1 billion in circular business assets and to have granted 100 circular loans by 2020.

ABN AMRO supports the Paris Climate Accord. By 2030, all homes and office space financed by the bank must have earned an average energy label A. ABN AMRO finances over 10% of the built environment in the Netherlands, which generates 40% of all Dutch carbon emissions.

Value Creation Model

Our Value Creation Model captures how we use our resources and expertise to create value for our stakeholders. It all starts with input in the shape of four types of capital, our key resources for generating value. Output is the value we create for our stakeholders and the way in which we share it with individual stakeholder groups. 

Check out our Value Creation Model 2017​ (PDF 50 KB).