'Natural' Constructions in Circl.ART, f.l.t.r. Melanie Bonajo, Marie-José Jongerius, Melanie Bonajo, Constant Dullaart and Persijn Broersen & Margrit Lukács. Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij.

The group exhibition ‘Natural’ Constructions is on view from October 11 2018 through January 11 2019 in Circl.ART, the project space of the ABN AMRO Art Collection in CIRCL on the Zuidas.

'Natural' Constructions

'Natural' Constructions presents a selection of recent acquisitions for the ABN AMRO Art Collection, works by artists who in various ways refer to our constructed world and consider whether – and if so, how – we should maintain it. They emphasize the division between nature and culture – which has rarely been more vast, illustrate how we attempt to use technological advances to control nature, and hold a mirror before us at a point when we're in danger of drifting off into what would seem to be an unspoiled paradise.

Establishing Eden

In Establishing Eden, Broersen & Lukács expose the cinematic image of unspoiled paradise as one that is highly constructed by prompting its digital disintegration. Cristina Lucas reveals commonplace subtle manipulations in the way businesses use color to take advantage of emotions; and Anouk Kruithof’s surrealistic Screenshot Montages highlights marketing strategies that constantly influence our eye and our point of view. With the simple and classic image of a modern gesture, Constant Dullaart calls attention to the way in which technological developments indirectly affect our behavior. We have the world under control.

Standing in contrast to our concern for the world we’ve designed is our responsibility for ‘nature’ – man-made or not. Marie-José Jongerius has photographed the iconic palm trees of Los Angeles, a man-made landscape that is evidently anything but sustainable, in fact doomed if humans fail to intervene. Melanie Bonajo goes a step further and advocates closer ties to nature, which the artist believes we have lost touch with completely: in her film stills and photographs, she questions capitalist notions of progress — where nature has been reduced to manageable scenery and people suffer from spiritual poverty. With images of tribal rituals and elf-like figures, she lures us into trusting our intuition and natural abilities so that we can become one with nature again.

The exhibition presents work of artists like Melanie Bonajo, Constant Dullaart, Persijn Broersen & Margrit Lukács, Marie-José Jongerius, Cristina Lukasand and Anouk Kruithof.

More about Circl.ART

Art is constantly in a state of flux. Artists manage to make unconventional connections, dare to dream and more quickly sense, as the 'seismometers' of our times, what goes on in the world around us. Vision and a free way of thinking lie at the heart of a circular economy. Circl.ART, the project space of the ABN AMRO Art Collection is, for that reason, intended as a platform for new developments in art – art that stimulates the imagination and anticipates social and topical themes. At the same time, Circl.ART aims to provide a podium that enables artists to reach a wide audience. This could involve presentations of work from the ABN AMRO collection or other contemporary art that focuses on social topics such as the circular economy, while also showcasing exhibitions of young and rising talent, sometimes in connection with the ABN AMRO Art Award. For more information, see the archive exhibition programm Circl.Art​ (PDF 950 KB).