Saskia Noor van Imhoff, installatie #+34.00, in Circl.ART, Amsterdam. Photo: Gert Jan van Rooijen.

The exhibition #+34.00 of Saskia Noor van Imhoff (Canada, 1982), winner of the seventh edition of the ABN AMRO Art Price, is on view from March 15 to May 17 2018 in Circl.ART, the art project space of ABN AMRO.

Saskia Noor van Imhoff

Saskia Noor van Imhoff has used this opportunity to create an installation of new work, titled #+32.001 Hot-bain marie drop-in., at the Hermitage Amsterdam. This exhibition will be on view in the museum through 17 July 2018. In conjunction with this installation, Van Imhoff has compiled the exhibition #+34.00 at Circle.ART. The two presentations complement each other, but can also be seen independently, as successive chapters in a book.

In the work of Saskia Noor van Imhoff, the process of arranging and exhibiting plays a key role. In reproducing and adapting images, interconnecting them by way of association, her work gives rise to a variety of connotations.

For the presentation #+34.00 at Circl, Van Imhoff has selected works from the ABN AMRO Art Collection to present alongside other pieces. In addition, she has responded to the architecture of the pavilion: the L-shaped plateau is based on the scale of the space. Salt and stones also make up a significant part of #+34.00. Salt, which serves as sustainable insulation material in the circular pavilion of the bank, has traditionally been a preservative and flavour enhancer, and in Roman times was also a form of currency. But salt also causes erosion, and thus apparently immutable rocks are made to change form. Here, matter shifts, as it were, illustrating the cycling of nature, which at any given moment is being experienced differently.

Van Imhoff compares such natural processes with the development and dynamics of a collection that, due to the acquisition and de-accessioning of works, changes over the course of time. In #+32.001 Hot-bain marie drop-in., her exhibition at the Hermitage in Amsterdam, Van Imhoff refers to de-accessioned works from the ABN AMRO Art Collection that she then purchased at auction. Conversely, here at Circl she has selected work that remains in the collection.

Van Imhoff's intuitive and associative selection of works from the ABN AMRO Art Collection touches on themes that relate to concealing and revealing – ideas that she also explores in her own work – meanwhile raising questions about presence and visibility that often have no straightforward answers. The selection reflects the present moment and is closely related to the exhibition at the Hermitage. The way in which Van Imhoff selects and presents the works stimulates the viewer to make new and associative connections while at the same time questioning the classical manner of arranging and exhibiting art. For more information about the exhibition in the Hermitage see this page.

ABN AMRO Art Price

The ABN AMRO Art Award aims to be a stimulus for talent in the Netherlands. The winner receives an exhibition at the Hermitage Amsterdam accompanied by a catalogue and a monetary award of 10,000 euros. An acquisition of the artist's work is also made for the ABN AMRO art collection. For more information see this page.

More about Circl.ART

Art is constantly in a state of flux. Artists manage to make unconventional connections, dare to dream and more quickly sense, as the 'seismometers' of our times, what goes on in the world around us. Vision and a free way of thinking lie at the heart of a circular economy. Circl.ART is, for that reason, intended as a platform for new developments in art – art that stimulates the imagination and anticipates social and topical themes. At the same time, Circl.ART aims to provide a podium that enables artists to reach a wide audience. This could involve presentations of work from the ABN AMRO collection or other contemporary art that focuses on social topics such as the circular economy, while also showcasing exhibitions of young and rising talent, sometimes in connection with the ABN AMRO Art Award. For more information, see the archive exhibition programm Circl.Art​ (PDF 655 KB).