Top 10 historical photos

From nearly every single of the thousands of branch offices the bank has ever had, from the front and back office, from every conceivable banking service or activity past and present, from hundreds of events, sponsored or otherwise, from the (re)construction of countless bank buildings, in the Netherlands and beyond, from members of staff from every rank, as a group or individually, from anonymous amateur photographers as well as from famous documentary or portrait photographers: the ABN AMRO historical photo collection is part of the bank’s heritage, with a significance beyond the bank itself.

Accounting department

Accounting department at the Amsterdamsche Bank head office in 1953.

General meeting

General meeting of the Rotterdam Savings Bank’s supervisory board in 1900. (photo: C.E. Mögle)


Dealingroom in the then head office of ABN AMRO at Foppingadreef, Amsterdam in 1998 (photo: Bert Verhoeff).

ABN AMRO head office

ABN AMRO head office at Gustav Mahlerlaan, Amsterdam, under construction in 1998.

Farewell party of Karel van Aalst

Farewell party in June 1934 of the president of Netherlands Trading Society (NTS) Karel van Aalst in the current KIT or Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam: photo report by news and society photographer Erich Salomon.

Cash desk hall in the NTS Semarang agency

Cash desk hall in the NTS Semarang agency, in the then colony of Dutch East Indies in 1919.

TV commercial of the Union of Savings Banks

Closing shot of a TV commercial of the Union of Savings Banks circa 1980: A bank for all people.

Cash desk hall

Cash desk hall in the NTS agency The Hague in 1956.

ABN Hong Kong office

ABN Hong Kong office at Cheung Sha Wan Road in 1980.

Pierson & Heldring office

Pierson & Heldring office at Korte Vijverberg in The Hague in 1950