About the foundation

ABN AMRO’s Art & History Foundation (Stichting Kunst & Historisch Bezit ABN AMRO) was created to maintain, manage and develop ABN AMRO’s collection of art and historical objects. The foundation sees the collection as part of our national heritage and endeavours to make it as accessible as possible for the general public. It exhibits artworks and historical objects in the buildings of the bank and makes material available for study. We also lend objects to leading museums and other institutions. 


ABN AMRO’s Art & History Foundation (Stichting Kunst & Historisch Bezit; fiscal number 8223.03.118) is located in Amsterdam. Its activities are conducted by six experts from the Art & History department, who are employed by ABN AMRO. Volunteers work under department supervision.


Since the end of 2011, the foundation has had full ownership of all art and historical objects collections of ABN AMRO. The members of the foundation board and the Advisory Board do not receive any remuneration.

Both the foundation and ABN AMRO have agreed that the bank will bear all the costs involved in the use and maintenance of the collections themselves. The foundation is only responsible for expenditures made by volunteers, as well as minor purchases and incidentals. These are offset by sales proceeds and interest, which are listed in the foundation's annual report of 2019 (see below, in Dutch only).


Would you like more information on the art collection or historical collection, or about the other activities of the Art & History foundation? Please contact us by e-mail and we will be glad to help you.

Visiting address:
Eleanor Rooseveltlaan 1, Amstelveen
PAC: AM0090

Postal address
Art & History Department ABN AMRO
PAC AM0090 
Postbox 283, 1000 EA Amsterdam