You are who you are

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ABN AMRO wants to create a culture that allows everyone to be themselves and feel safe to express their sexual orientation or identity. We’re undertaking various initiatives to underline that we’re an employer where everyone is free to be who they are. Our aim is that all our employees feel free to be open about their sexual orientation, even if they find themselves in countries where this is currently not the norm. To assess how successful we are in achieving this aim, we perform an in-depth survey among our staff in the Netherlands every five years. We now plan to extend this research to include our international offices as well.

Active support of our LGBT+ policy

To underpin our policy, ABN AMRO has signed the Declaration of Amsterdam, which was developed by Workplace Pride, the International LGBT+ Platform. In June 2018, we became one of the early supporters of the United Nations Standards of Conduct by signing up to them in São Paolo. We also signed the Sustainable Development Goals LGBTI Charter, presented by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Being open about who you are

‘Coming out’ is a widely used term in LGBT+ circles. The moment when a person finds the courage to be honest about their sexual orientation is a major step, also at work. In 2018, we exhibited the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in the lobby of our head office to mark International Coming Out Day. This work of art is made up of the flags of all the countries where homosexuality is illegal. The dress travels around the world to draw attention to this. In partnership with a number of other organisations, we organised a conference to coincide with the event.

Supporting lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders

Together with our Gay Bankers Network, we regularly organise meetings to draw attention to problems facing the LGBT+ community. We made a colourful contribution during Pride Amsterdam, with a striking rainbow campaign both at our Amsterdam-based branches and online, by which we demonstrated our support for the LGBT+ community. We also support LGBT persons internationally. As an example, we joined forces with a number of international financial organisations to lobby in a court case involving a British lesbian couple. The outcome was positive: in 2018, the Hong Kong Supreme Court issued a ground-breaking ruling ordering the local immigration authorities to grant spousal visas to same-sex partners if they are married.