A chance for kids to discover where they excel

Each year, ABN AMRO Foundation organises between 300 and 400 activities throughout the country ranging from sports clinics and photography workshops to visits to special museums, and from classes in programming to coaching projects for young entrepreneurs. We also use our expertise as a bank to provide financial education. All these activities reflect a single goal: improving the future prospects of children.

In order to maximise our social impact, we structure our programme in liaison with our partner schools. You can find out more about the activities we organise and some of our recurring projects below.

ABN AMRO Stadium Games

The ABN AMRO Stadium Games are all about filling the Johan Cruyff Arena with sport, art and culture. At this event, nearly 1,000 primary school pupils are given the chance to meet their idols in person and discover their talents in different areas: from playing everything from tennis to football, and from drawing to dancing. It’s a day full of physical activity, fun and new perspectives.


The artist known as Boxie has an important mission: making the world a nicer place. And he does just that by teaming up with a whole classroom to create two works of art – one for the school and one to give away. To whom? Well, that’s up to the children! Not to mention that they also get to decorate Boxie’s car with paint pens on the playground.

ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament

This programme introduces schoolchildren to the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament once they’ve had two tennis lessons at school. The children take part in a tennis clinic and watch a real, world-class match – all at the Rotterdam Ahoy arena. We also help fans become members of local tennis clubs with the aid of the Sport & Culture Youth Fund.

Hermitage for Children

For many years, ABN AMRO Foundation has had a special relationship with Hermitage Amsterdam. Each school year, we offer the Hermitage for Children programme to our partner schools. After four preparatory lessons in the classroom, youngsters visit the current exhibition and get creative themselves in a workshop.

Business programme

The JINC programme “Ondernemen doe je zo!” teaches young people what it means to run a business to see if they’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur. ABN AMRO volunteers use their expertise as coaches, each taking a group of four or five students to visit a local entrepreneur, help them write their own business plan and give a final presentation.

Managing your money like a pro

By teaching children early on how to handle money, we give them a solid foundation for financial self-sufficiency in adulthood. ABN AMRO staff enthusiastically teach “Word een held met je geld” (Managing Your Money Like a Pro), a valuable interactive programme that teaches youngsters how to save, spend and avoid bank overdrafts. Every child receives a diploma after completing the course.


Learning to program is becoming increasingly important, even at the primary school level. The bank’s programming workshop teaches youngsters the basic principles in a fun and accessible way. It also gives them a chance to discover how a real programmer thinks.