Equal opportunities for every child

It’s important for children later on in life to discover at a young age what they enjoy and what they’re good at. Unfortunately, though, not all youngsters get that chance. ABN AMRO Foundation is committed to helping children whose environment offers them fewer opportunities than their peers have. Our activities focus on helping children discover their talents and interests, acquire knowledge and skills, and achieve their goals, thus broadening their horizons that much more.

Growing up as a disadvantaged child

One in eight children in the Netherlands grows up in poverty. To put it another way, there are currently two to three children in every single Dutch primary school class who live below the poverty line. Financial hardship often has far-reaching consequences for families. Home life can cause stress for parents, shame sometimes results in social isolation, and children don’t always get the chance to develop their full potential. Growing up in poverty means starting out life at a disadvantage.

Each school carefully selected

We work with organisations like the Youth Education Fund (Jeugdeducatiefonds) to reach these children. The fund certifies and finances schools with pupils from families who cannot afford things like glasses, a bicycle or tutoring – all of which are directly related to education. In close consultation with this national network of schools, ABN AMRO Foundation puts together an effective programme of high-impact activities every year.

Our commitment: time, attention and expertise

Each year, all ABN AMRO employees are given the chance to carry out voluntary work for the foundation during a one-week period. Staff may take a primary school class on a visit to a special museum, accompany pupils on the pitch at their favourite sports club, or teach them about smart ways to save, spend and avoid bank overdrafts. They might even teach kids to program – right on their own work laptops. In all these ways, the bank is trying to make a real difference.