Operational management

We implement our sustainability risk principles in ABN AMRO’s daily business by means of our operational policy. In addition to our general sustainability risk management policy, we have set up specific policies for Lending, Investments, Procurement and Product Development.

Each policy defines the sustainability risk management procedure for its specific operational area. The policies address the characteristics of their corresponding operational area and the sustainability issues at stake.


ABN AMRO's sustainability risk management policy for Lending​ (PDF 157 KB) ensures that loans are in line with our sustainability risk principles. It describes our procedure for managing sustainability risks involving lending, a procedure consisting of four phases: risk identification, assessment, approval and monitoring and reporting. All lending transactions are subject to the policy, which applies to ABN AMRO and all its subsidiaries, branches, representative offices and legal entities that are under its control.


ABN AMRO provides investment products and services, such as asset management and investment advisory services, to its Retail & Private Banking clients.

The investment products and services provided by ABN AMRO exposes the bank and its clients to the environmental, social and ethical risks of the companies in its investment universe. In order to manage the exposure to these sustainability risks, the Sustainability Risk Policy for Investment Products & Services​ (PDF 337 KB) defines a process which ensures that ABN AMRO’s investment products & services are provided in accordance with the Bank’s sustainability risk standards. ABN AMRO believes that the application of this policy will help the Bank and its clients make better informed investment decisions and reduce the sustainability risk related to its investment products and services.

As the companies included in ABN AMRO’s investment universe are not necessarily clients of the bank, we take a different approach to sustainability risk management than when we have a direct relationship with a company. Nevertheless, the Sustainability Risk Policy for Investment Products & Services is fully aligned to our sustainability risk principles as it focusses on the exclusion of companies involved in the production of controversial weapons and engagement with companies with the aim of improving their sustainability performance.


ABN AMRO recognises the impact of its procurement activities in furthering sustainable development and in reducing environmental impacts of procurement, such as climate change. Through the balanced consideration of ecological, social and economic impacts, we are committed to integrating sustainability into our procurement process. More information on our Procurement Policy will be published soon.

Product development

ABN AMRO takes great care in developing financial products and services, specifically focusing on sustainability. We integrate as many social and environmental factors as possible into the products we develop. The result is a growing range of sustainable investment funds and loans. More information on our Product Development Policy will be published soon.