Project-specific policy

Project financing can involve considerable social and environmental risks, especially in emerging markets, and this is why ABN AMRO applies the Equator Principles III. The principles ensure that projects we help finance are developed in a socially responsible way and that they comply with solid environmental guidelines. With these goals in mind we created the Equator Principles policy.

Equator Principles

In project financing, providers of capital are often confronted with policy issues regarding people and planet, especially in emerging markets. ABN AMRO is one of the initiators of the Equator Principles​ (PDF 117 KB), and having adopted these guidelines, we must analyse project finance requests, and may not finance projects of borrowers who do not comply with our social and environmental policy.

The Equator Principles allow us to better manage the social and environmental aspects of projects, and handle these in a more pro-active way. If borrowers do not meet the social and environmental standards and do not meet the obligations relating to debt financing, we will first look for a solution to bring them back into compliance.

ABN AMRO's Equator Principles apply to project financing worldwide and form a common starting point for the entire commercial banking sector. Since 2014, our processes have been fully compliant with the revised Equator Principles III.