Where does the bank stand with sustainable investors?

A great many influential investors are recognising the growing importance of sustainability. So how do they view the bank and its performance on the stock market? To find out, the bank recently got in touch with Eumedion, a foundation which works to promote the acceptance of, and compliance with, standards and guidelines for sustainability and corporate governance.

Shareholders often have a reputation for being profit-hungry, only thinking in the immediate term. But for many, such as institutional investors, the opposite is true. Obviously, they, too, are looking for a healthy return, but they’re prepared to invest their money long-term – sometimes for up to forty years. These investors are used to looking at the bigger picture. Will certain equities continue to be relevant in the longer term? Is a particular company future-proof and flexible enough to cope with change? This is where themes like sustainability and corporate governance naturally come into play.

In this quarter’s “Where does the bank stand?”, Dies Donker, ABN AMRO’s Head of Investor Relations, pays a visit to Rients Abma, Director of Eumedion, the special interest group for investors, to ask him how institutional investors judge ABN AMRO’s performance in the area of sustainability and to discuss the role of trust.