Klaas in times of coronavirus: sharing digital expertise with care workers

With its Video Banking service, ABN AMRO has shown that online consultations can still be personal and highly effective. Now that care professionals are also working remotely as much as possible, Klaas Ariaans is sharing our Video Banking knowledge with hospitals and other institutions.

Health care services have been under extreme pressure for months due to the coronavirus crisis. Klaas and his colleagues are helping to ease that pressure a little by sharing our knowledge about video consultations. “If a patient, lung specialist, family doctor and chemist can align everything in a single video call, it will benefit all concerned. And conducting non-emergency medical consultations online reduces the risk of spreading the virus.”

Sharing digital knowledge altruistically to fight the spread of the coronavirus

As Director of Personal Banking, Klaas has been championing the development of online services with a human touch for our retail clients since 2014. Video Banking has proven to be an excellent tool for this. “In the past years we’ve shown that remote consultations can still be very personal, and how easy it is to instantly bring all kinds of specialists into the video call. If we can do that as bankers, then doctors and officials can do it too. That’s why we’re happy to share all our Video Banking knowledge with hospitals, cities and non-profits.”

Proud of our pioneering role powered by Video Banking

“Everyone needs personal contact. That’s why it’s always been our guiding principle to keep the human touch in Video Banking. If you organise video consultations well, they can often be just as good as a meeting where you physically sit together. It’s enormously gratifying that this idea is now being so widely embraced and that we as a bank can actively contribute valuable knowledge. In the short term, it’s one way we can help combat the coronavirus. And if digital consultations take off on a large scale, we can all contribute to reducing the number of trips people make.”

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