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Innovation: you hear it everywhere. But what exactly is innovation, and why is innovative capacity so important? Digitalisation, the rapid development of financial technology, new earnings models and young companies throwing the traditional markets into disarray – these are just a few examples of the developments that we – and therefore our clients, too – are having to deal with. As well as being innovative, these developments are far-reaching in their impact, not least because of the huge influence they have on the financial markets and the dizzying pace at which they are happening.

Genuine long-term innovation takes more than quickly building an Innovation Lab. It requires a cultural change throughout the company. Arjan van Os Arjan van Os Head of ABN AMRO Innovation Centre

Changing client requirements and needs demand different products and services, as well as a different way of working and organising. Financial services are still important, but in different forms. It is essential that we keep up with these changes. We do not see innovation as a threat, but embrace it as an opportunity. Because by innovating we will continue to be meaningful for our clients and at the same time equip the bank for the future.

We research innovative ideas in several areas within ABN AMRO, looking at developments such as new regulations, disruptive technologies, new economies and potential new earnings models. Topics on which we are keeping a particularly close eye include blockchain, artificial intelligence, open banking and the circular economy.

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