Government matters

Banking is a highly regulated sector at both the national and European level. Politicians and public authorities have a lot of influence on the rules and regulations for banks, including ABN AMRO, so it’s very important that we maintain a constructive ongoing dialogue with politicians and policymakers.

This dialogue is coordinated at ABN AMRO by the Public Affairs team through contact with members of the Dutch parliament, Dutch ministers and ministries, the European Parliament, the European Commission and others. In their exchanges they discuss developments that are directly or indirectly relevant to ABN AMRO, as well as initiatives to which our bank can make a constructive contribution.
Public Affairs is also active in sector organisations such as the Dutch Banking Association (NVB), the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW), the European Banking Federation (EBF) and the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME). A great deal of information about politics and policy is exchanged in these bodies. They also maintain contacts with politicians and policymakers themselves, and so can indirectly represent the interests of ABN AMRO. 

Monitoring and influencing

The Public Affairs team is made up of two employees. One is based in The Hague and the other in Brussels, and together they are the metaphorical eyes and ears of ABN AMRO in the political arena. They constantly monitor important developments around legislation, regulations and policy, reporting back to the board and management of ABN AMRO on information relevant to the bank. This enables ABN AMRO to anticipate political developments and make timely changes where necessary. 
Another area of Public Affairs’ activities is sharing information from and about ABN AMRO responsibly with stakeholders in politics and official bodies. This helps these stakeholders to take ABN AMRO’s interests into account when developing new legislation, regulations and policy. Public Affairs shares the information in both formal and informal ways, through one-on-one talks, exchanges with several stakeholders at once, closed and public consultations and discussions with experts.
The topics ABN AMRO focuses on are: transactions, consumer credit, mortgages, investment, business lending, duty of care, protecting vulnerable clients, corporate social responsibility, sustainable financing, promoting the energy transition, secure banking, preventing and combating money-laundering and the financing of terrorism, privacy, new entrants and competition, banking supervision, capital requirements, and consolidation in the banking sector.


The employees at Public Affairs are registered in the Dutch parliamentary lobby register in The Hague and the transparency register of EU institutions in Brussels, respectively. They perform their duties in compliance with both the Dutch Banker’s Oath and the European Code of Conduct for Interest Representatives.