Cheering Ajax talents

ABN AMRO has been a Partner of the Future for the Amsterdam-based Ajax Football Club since 1 January 2015. We sponsor the youth training, Saturday amateurs and Ajax Women’s team. Ajax uses our financial support to help its football players develop their talent every day at Sportcomplex De Toekomst (Dutch for The Future).

Social partner

In addition to being a Partner of the Future, we are also a social partner to Ajax Football Club and the Ajax Foundation. We work together to develop social activities for special target groups, including clinics for mentally and/or physically disabled children. ABN AMRO staff also volunteer for Ajax Foundation projects, such as the Life Skills & Clinics project, which gives underprivileged children the opportunity to play sports.

Scouting talented football players

Starting in September 2015, we will be organising talent days in the Netherlands together with Ajax and Players United. Professional scouts from Ajax will select the best players for the Ajax Talent Plan, who could possibly move on to the Ajax youth training. The scouting days will be open to boys and girls. Girls will be scouted by the Ajax Women’s team and could end up participating in six clinics, where they can develop their talent. The six clinics will be taught by the Ajax Women’s team at Sportcomplex De Toekomst.

Blogs of Ajax Football Club

Once a month we will give you a flavour of what Ajax is doing to help its talents develop their full potential.