The Bank of the future

The world is rapidly going digital and banks are embracing new technologies on a massive scale. And that’s a good thing, as people want to do their banking without fuss. Faster, easier and smarter. As an enterprising bank, we’re taking a leading role in this changing financial world and are joining forces with new players: fintech start-ups, hackers and academics. Together we’re exploring open banking, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the circular economy. And we’re coming up with smart solutions every day. Making it possible for our clients to continue to do their banking swiftly, easily and safely.

Faster, easier, smarter

You can have your bank in your pocket for your daily banking business. And you can decide when and where you want our advice when you’re looking to make just the right choice for you. On a Sunday afternoon, for instance, using your webcam. Our very own innovation labs are developing products based on new technologies to make sure our clients benefit from these fast. Did you know, for instance, that we developed our Tikkie payment app together with our clients?

Valuable things in safe hands

Money and data should be safe at all times, whether they belong to organisations or individuals. As a bank, we have a duty of care. Every day we protect our clients from all kinds of fraud: malware, cybercrime, CEO fraud, help-desk fraud, phishing. And we do so using the latest in crime prevention and crime-fighting techniques, working closely with the legal authorities and the police. And we help our clients to do their online banking safely.

For now and for the generations to come

A major bank in the Netherlands, we help power the Dutch economy. This comes with responsibilities, so we investigate and flag major technological disruptions and what these mean for society and the financial services industry. We explore open banking, artificial intelligence, blockchain; experiment with new business models; research opportunities created by the circular economy. All insights gained through these projects will help ensure you’ll continue to be able to bank without fuss in the future.

We want to be leaders in this move towards a better world. And we’ll benefit ourselves by creating new, faster and future business. We’re making a positive impact by doing what we’re good at: safe and innovative banking. For now and the generations to come. Now that’s what we call adding value.