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Nowadays almost everything is digital – including at ABN AMRO. Fewer and fewer clients visit their local branches, much preferring to do their banking online. Although some people use their browsers, the Mobile Banking app for smartphones and tablets is now the most popular tool. Around eighteen months ago ABN AMRO set up a new Digital Banking department. Hardy Schuerhoff’s work as a Business Developer Mobile involves a wide range of new developments for the Mobile Banking App.

Within the team I have real freedom to decide what I do, and how I do it. My role has very few restrictions. Hardy Schuerhoff Hardy Shuerhoff Business Developer Mobile Banking

Part of the whole process, from idea to execution

Like many of his colleagues, Hardy is a relative newcomer to the department. This is actually not unusual, given that Digital Banking itself is still brand new. Hardy’s team is responsible for all ABN AMRO’s apps. He handles the native Mobile Banking app, he explains. ‘The projects that I work on with our Agile Scrum teams offer our clients a relevant way to do their banking quickly and easily. Our aim is to surprise our clients again and again – in a good way. Implementing these modifications quickly brings us closer and closer to the speed that the market demands from us. I’m part of the whole process. This means researching what our users want, working with the Scrum teams and UX to translate their wishes into solutions, involving all the relevant stakeholders, liaising with the e-commerce copywriters about the content for and about the app and rolling out new releases into the market.’

Helping to keep the bank relevant

Hardy initially had some concerns that the organisation would be very bureaucratic. ‘Luckily the amount of bureaucracy is nowhere near as bad as I’d imagined. Within the team I have real freedom to decide what I do, and how I do it. My role has very few restrictions. Obviously there are some factors that I have to consider. My work interfaces with the organisation’s existing ICT, and it has to comply with certain laws and regulations. That sets the framework for my work, and that’s fine. Digital Banking possesses so much knowhow that we can use to give us an edge as a digital company. If you want to work here, I think you need determination and a healthy desire for innovation. If you do, you’ll have the opportunity to help keep ABN AMRO relevant. That’s not a bad goal, surely?’

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