“I never get tired of helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams”

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If you really want to help entrepreneurs, you have to become a bit of an entrepreneur yourself. It helps to know their business and understand how they think. It’s also important to be able to work with the same freedom and entrepreneurial spirit. And it’s precisely that freedom that relationship managers are given here at the bank – as long as the client’s interest comes first!

Learning, innovating with clients and being a trailblazer - what’s not to like? Katalin Tatar Katalin Tatar Relationship Manager with Business Services & Financial Institutions

As a relationship manager, it’s my job to support entrepreneurs in their business. I call their attention to upcoming financial legislation, for example, or inform them about certain insurance policies they may need. I also brainstorm with them on loans and advise them on major financial transactions involved in expanding their business or even acquiring another company. In that respect, we at ABN AMRO have one goal and one goal only: giving the best possible support to entrepreneurs, providing them with the products and services which will benefit them the most.

Texting with clients

Different entrepreneurs require different approaches. With some clients, I communicate mainly via email, while others prefer to phone me. Still others find it easier just to text me if something’s up. I’m also connected with most of our clients on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Sometimes clients will text or ring me in the evening or at weekends. My rule is you can always try to reach me, but I may not pick up or respond right away if it’s the weekend or late at night. Look, if a client urgently needs to cancel a lost or stolen bank card, it’s not a big deal for me to text them the bank’s national hotline. It’s a small thing, but clients are always so appreciative. Once, though, a client phoned me from the US in the middle of the night and asked drily if I was still in the office. Of course, I told him that here in the Netherlands it’s not really the done thing to ring someone up at three o’clock in the morning, but that he would be first in line the next day. You have to be able to set boundaries in this job. Conversely, if you don’t enjoy dealing with lots of different kinds of people, then being a relationship manager isn’t for you.

A behind-the-scenes look

The number of subsectors in the Business Services sector is limitless. For instance, my portfolio is made up of clients in the cleaning industry, security and even HR (in secondment, for example). The thing I like most about being a relationship manager is that it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at all these businesses. Working in this segment, I often meet with CEOs who give me background on, and insight into, their company’s history and growth path. Basically it’s a masterclass in successful entrepreneurship. I really enjoy advising younger entrepreneurs, too. It’s so inspiring to see how much passion they bring to their work and very exciting to watch a cool idea be transformed into a successful business with major growth potential.

Innovating with the client

Another fun aspect of working at ABN AMRO is that we’re actively encouraged to formulate and develop new concepts at the bank. I’d really like to innovate with my clients and am now exploring how to develop my proposal. By contributing to the discussion about what services we offer to our clients, in addition to the work I do as a relationship manager, I feel I can really help promote my clients’ interests.

Continuous learning

In my discussions with clients, it’s important to stay up to date on all the latest developments in the sector and the market. I also rely on help from my colleagues here – like the sector advisers and economists who support us in our work by monitoring and reporting on developments. In this job, you never stop learning. One of the many advantages of working at ABN AMRO is that you’re given the freedom within the context of your role to choose any additional training you want to develop your skills. I happen to be very interested in computer programming at the moment because I see that innovation at so many organisations involves the development of applications within existing systems. Then again, a colleague who does the same job has chosen to delve into Customer Relationship Management. It’s really up to you!

Laying the groundwork for a blossoming career at the bank

Being a relationship manager is a very rewarding job, especially for those who are just joining the bank. Every day is different, and you’re given plenty of freedom to plan your work and time as you see fit. You meet so many enthusiastic, driven people – entrepreneurs who really go for their dream. Talk about invigorating! Traditionally, the relationship manager position has been a springboard to higher management roles, which makes sense. After all, it teaches you so much about so many different kinds of clients and sectors, and really lets you fast-track your development. No matter what path you decide to take, though, it’s the perfect foundation for a further career at the bank.


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