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It goes without saying that you’d like to do and learn as much as possible during your internship. Trouble is that you may not know exactly what you’re good at. It won’t take you long to find out – together with your supervisor and your new colleagues.

Personal development

Your supervisor and your new colleagues will explain how the organisation works and introduce you to lots of people, so you’ll feel at home straightaway. You’ll make new contacts and be ready to start on the real work! Of course, you’re free to ask your colleagues if there’s anything you need to know, but your supervisor is also always around. You start by compiling a personal development plan together and mapping out your general direction. During the months that follow, you’ll fully join in with the day-to-day work and get the space you need to find your own way within the bank. During progress meetings, you’ll discuss what you’ve done and what you’d still like to do.

Learning through networks

We also have a big network of interns studying for a professional or academic degree called The ABN AMRO Interns Club (CASt). You’ll get to know your fellow interns at various events, which are more than just fun: they are also great learning opportunities. By exchanging experiences you’ll find out how other people have coped with problems you may have encountered. The Interns Club also offers you an opportunity to prepare for the next step in your career by attending a job application course or ‘personal branding’ workshop. The things you learn on these courses will stand you in good stead once you start looking for a job after graduation – which may well be a graduate position or a traineeship with ABN AMRO!

This is how you apply

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