Procurement deals with the external purchasing of all products above €50,000. From buildings to cleaning services and from mobile phones to money transport. The department covers the whole of ABN AMRO: all business lines, subsidiaries and international branches of the bank. Day to day, we work most intensively with IT, Vendor Management and advisory departments.

In addition to purchasing, we also have a control and advisory role. We check whether suppliers meet all the necessary conditions – for example, in terms of sustainability and transparency. We also check whether the lines to and from Compliance are working, and advise the business. Of course, we follow the market carefully to see which developments are valuable to ABN AMRO.

Procurement comes into its own

There’s a clear shift going on: an increasingly valued role of the department is to proactively give strategic advice to the business. This shift requires a new type of colleague: proactive people with entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills. You’ll save money not only by closing smart deals. You’ll also advise the bank commercially with valuable market knowledge and an expansive supplier network. More and more, they trust us to be their strategic partner.

Hospitality is close to my heart

"Procurement is about knowing everything there is to know about purchasing and working with ABN AMRO’s suppliers."

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